Elim Missions

Carryduff Community Church is part of a much wider Elim Missions network in Ireland and the UK. The core purpose of Elim Missions is to release and equip the local church to transform lives, communities and nations with the love of Christ.


Our local church co-coordinators are Jacqui and Robert Smith who have worked tirelessly to raise awareness and finance for Elim Missions. If you’d like to know anything further please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us via the website.  

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elim missions

Kenya Sunbeam Ministries

Kenya Sunbeam Ministries is a missions charity close to the heart of Carryduff Community Church based in Western Kenya, in the heart of a small rural district called Teso.  Ellen Allison, a born and bred Belfast woman from Carryduff Community Church lives as a Kenyan Citizen, working in the Teso community where she has established a well-attended school with over 150 children, a Children’s Home housing 51 abandoned or orphaned children, a Bible School where adults can become servants in the ministry, Church where she preaches from weekly, a Prayer Centre where Christian groups come from far and wide to hold conferences and spend time in worship.  

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Kenya Sunbeam Ministries