Leadership Learning Community

A couple of weeks back I spoke about starting a new “learning community” specifically around leadership. It is something I am very excited about starting in C.C.C. because I believe it is another important part of building on the foundations that have been laid for us by past generations. But, equally, it will lay solid foundations for the generations that follow.

Good leadership is important to us and I believe it is something we can all learn together. Leadership affects every area of our lives, from our family to our careers. We cannot ignore the importance of demonstrating good leadership in our church; without it, it is difficult to sustain vision and momentum. In church life, ministries that start so full of promise and potential can unfortunately come to a crashing end or “get stuck” and don’t fulfil or meet their original intentions. We have seen in our society and sadly even in our churches what can happen when leadership fails, the impact is often upsetting and destructive.

Good leadership, however, helps us to see the big picture of what God is doing and motivates us to to give our all for that Great Commission. In our church context, leadership scales from leading ourselves as we walk in the Spirit right through to leading the church and everything in-between from small groups to Sunday School. 

You may think “I could never be a leader”, however this is not the case. Whilst some people are considered to be natural leaders, for many, it is a learning process. I believe good leadership is a life-long learning process, we don’t “arrive” as leaders, but we work at it, we grow, develop and learn as we do. This is why I want to create a learning community which will be a positive and encouraging environment for everyone who commits to attend.

You’ll need about 1 hour per week for personal reading and we’ll be using John Maxwell’s material “Developing the Leader within You”. I plan for the group to meet at least once per month, but there may be occasions that this will need to be twice. There will be ten sessions where we will meet in person with possibly one or two of the sessions meeting on Zoom. The cost for the materials will be either £10 or £20 depending on the materials you’d like to use.

Our new learning community already has three people signed up and it remains open to everyone in the church, and I mean everyone! Would you like to take part and help to build a great community of leaders in CCC?  The correct answer is yes!!

Let me know via the “Contact Us” page if you’d like me to answer any questions you may have or register your interest. 

I’m planning to start the group at the end of this month, so please sign up as soon as possible.