Church Building Closure due to Covid-19 spread

As you all know, we are in a new lockdown because of the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Our hospitals are currently sitting at 103% capacity, stretching them to their absolute limit. There have been discussions between the Stormont Executive, Health Officials and the Church denominations about the wisdom of remaining open during this surge.

As a result we have been asked to close our doors to onsite gatherings and to move solely online. This is a very difficult decision to make, but, part of loving our neighbour is to make sure we minimise the spread of this awful virus. 

Remember, it is only the building that is closing, the Church is very much open, because we are the Church not bricks and mortar. Please pray for our NHS and key workers; pray that God would have mercy on our land; pray that the COVID-19 spread would reduce dramatically during this lockdown; and remember to pray for each other. This is one of the most difficult times I can ever remember in my lifetime and our island, more than ever before needs to know the love of God.

I would really encourage to join us online via our Facebook page or Website each Sunday morning at 10:30am. Also, don’t forget our mid-week prayer meeting on Wednesday night at 7:30pm – the link to join us on Zoom is below. These prayer meetings are a place where we can make a difference during this season of lockdown. I would encourage you join us – you don’t need to switch your screen on, you don’t even need to unmute; you can just join us and wait in God’s presence with others. 

If you’d like the link to ZOOM please use the contact us page. Thank you.