Sunday Gathering Changes

It has been wonderful to welcome those of you who have attended onsite again during August. Here are the details of the changes we are making to our Sunday gatherings.

The 12pm gathering will be stopping immediately. From this Sunday onwards (6th Sep) we are meeting for one gathering only at 10:30am. Our livestream will move to the new time of 10:30am.

We will be using the Sports Hall as an overflow using the large 60″ television and sound system. In line with government regulations we will have limited capacity in both rooms but will always do our best to ensure who wants to attend can.

Unfortunately we are still unable to recommence our children’s ministries but we want to make it clear that children are very welcome to attend. Whilst there may be a bit more noise we would love to see them and will make sure you can all sit together as a family.

As we’ve explained previously we need to keep a track of who is attending our gatherings and to make sure no one is disappointed and misses out. So, to ensure we comply with regulations we have setup a booking system using There continues to be NO cost involved and all you need to do to save your seat is click on one of the links below and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you are taking part in the gathering, for example, helping on the Welcome Team or Praise Team then you do NOT need to book your own place, but you may still need to book a place for your husband/wife, etc.
If you’d like to attend our 10:30am gathering please click on the link below:

PLEASE NOTE: You must save your seat for each week you’d like to attend. If you need help with this please contact us via our Facebook Page or