Dear Church Family,

Please see a copy of the letter that was read at the end of this morning’s gathering.

“This may be a surprise to some even though we have been transitioning to this place for more than a year.

As planned, Pastor George will be stepping down in his role as Lead Pastor of Carryduff Elim Church at the end of June with Pastor Gavin taking over the lead role. His last preach as lead pastor will be live on Sunday 14th June at our online 11am service and he will then officially step down at the end of June.

There are not enough words or time to express the debt of gratitude Carryduff Elim owes both George and Karen for their commitment, service and love towards the Church family and wider Carryduff community over the past 30 years. They have built and grown their family here, their three daughters, Leanne, Cheryl, and Gemma have grown and multiplied, with 15 grandchildren to enjoy and spoil. They have left a lasting and fruitful legacy.

Together they have established numerous ministries, hosted various international speakers, connected with countless families, and helped to transform many lives.  Often working long hours and late evenings in ways no one would ever have known. Only heaven and eternity will reveal the true impact that they each have had over the years.

We know many will want to thank Pastor George and Karen personally and we will host an event to ensure that can happen. Current lock-down restrictions make that impossible right now but when the restrictions are removed, we assure you that we will make it happen (even though we know George & Karen will not enjoy being the centre of all the well-deserved attention!)  We will share the details with you once we can confirm and arrange.

We love Pastor George and Karen and together as a church family we pray they will be encouraged as they transition into new days ahead and as they do, they will know God’s blessing and favour in the days ahead and those days will be greater than any they have left behind.”

Love God, Love People And Lead Them to Jesus.