QUIZ NIGHT – Friday 8th May 8pm

Hi All,

This Friday night we are going to a Church Family Quiz for a bit of fun! It will be a challenge to co-ordinate but we’ll give it a go and have a laugh in the process! We would love for as many as possible to join in and make it a night of lockdown to remember, there will even a great prize for the winners!

The rules and everything you’ll need to take part are below. We’ll be doing it on ZOOM, and because of the 40 minute limit we’ll need to do it in two parts, so there will be a break in the middle for 5 minutes and then everyone will connect back up again using the same ZOOM link.


  • You will need something to write your answers on.
  • There will be 10 questions per round and 8 rounds.
  • You will have a joker- which when played will give you double points.
  • We will have a break for 5 minutes after Round 4 – we will need to connect back up again using the same ZOOM link. 
  • At the end of each round, we will mark the answers and you add up your score.
  • I will then ask you to hold up your score for me to keep a record and tally up.
  • NO CHEATING – we have no way of stopping you, so we’re relying on your personal integrity to resist the temptation to Google any of the answers!

OK, I think that is everything. If you’d like to join us please contact us via the usual channels and we’ll send you the ZOOM link so you can join us – don’t miss the craic!!

God bless,