BT8 Coronavirus Community Outreach

We are working with two groups during this pandemic. You already know how we are working closely with our friends in the Killynure Community Association, setting up a food bank for those who will struggle putting food on the table in the coming weeks. Thank you so much for all your food donations. We handed out our first food parcels on Friday and Saturday to very grateful families and vulnerable people isolating at home.

The other group we are working with is called BT8 Coronavirus Community Outreach. You can view their Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Please read the message below from another brilliant group of volunteers:

“A Volunteering Group called BT8 Coronvirus Community Outreach has been set up to support those family and friends within our Community who are self isolating at this very difficult time that we all find ourselves in. The Group is made up of over 340 Volunteers within the local area who will have made themselves known to you by posting leaflets through all doors identifying who they are along with their telephone number.

This Group exists to support all of us with the collection of food and medications in order to ensure that those of us within our community who need to self isolate can do so. To self isolate away from our friends, family and support structure is difficult at any stage however it is vitally important, that in order to protect those that we love, the message to stay indoors is respected and adhered too.

The BT8 Group is here to lessen the burden on us all to ensure that foods and medication is delivered safely to your door. I would urge you to use this service if you have been identified as falling within the vulnerable groups. 

If your leaflet has been misplaced then please feel free to contact the church and we can provide you with a contact number for your nearest volunteer.” 

Please feel free to pass this email on to anyone you feel may benefit form it.

God bless,

Gavin”Love God, Love People And Lead Them to Jesus”