Good Friday Communion 10th April 8pm

This week is a significant one in the Church calendar as we begin to focus our attention and our hearts towards Easter and all Jesus accomplished on the cross.

Easter is a time of celebration and now more than ever before we need to rise up, be the Church and declare that the tomb is empty and Jesus is alive!

Communion is an act of worship normally practised together in our Sunday morning gatherings, this week we plan to take communion together on Good Friday, as a church family over ZOOM.

We will remember the cross and resurrection together as we break bread and drink wine. Prepare your own and join us.

We will start at 8pm.

So, why don’t you join us for this special Good Friday communion gathering as we celebrate everything that Jesus accomplished on the cross.

To get the link to join us on this special occasion please contact us via our FACEBOOK page or email

If you have any questions please let me know, and if you’ve never used ZOOM before, please see the instructions below for more help.

We are actively creating new ways to engage with you and others during this crisis, and have a few things planned specially to share the good news of the gospel during this Easter period. Please keep in touch, stay engaged on social media channels, share videos and check emails.

Love God, Love People And Lead Them to Jesus.

God bless,


See the help below if you’ve never used ZOOM before.

What do I need to connect?
A smart phone, tablet or laptop with camera/microphone/speakers
Internet connection
A Zoom invite
You don’t need to install the ZOOM app, but I would recommend it if you can. The links to install for Apple and Android devices are below – just click on the appropriate one for you device. If you are using a laptop then you don’t need an app as your web browser will be sufficient, however, it will need to install some software on your browser.

Please allow yourself a few minutes to get connected if you haven’t installed the APP before. You can join any time so don’t be worrying if you are a few minutes late. It might be worth familiarising yourself with the features of the app ( you can choose to have video on or off, & voice on or off)

Installing the APP

Click on the appropriate image below to install the APP.

If you have any questions or you need some help with setting it up please contact Pastor Gavin on or 07775039043