Everyone’s safety and health is our number one priority at Carryduff Elim, and as a result of the latest Government and Public Health advice regarding the COVID-19 crisis on Monday 16 March 2020, we need to update you with some key information about we continue to be the church in the days ahead.

The national leadership team of Elim have the decision to suspend all Elim Church services from and including this Sunday, 22 March until further notice. This decision has not been taken lightly but done so believing they have a public duty to act responsibly in terms of the duty of care to all members of the community.

In an email received yesterday it stated “This is a united response as we face the challenge of maintaining our ministry, worship and witness during this unprecedented national crisis. In so doing, we wish to affirm our primary calling to be ministers of Christ and ambassadors of faith and hope in the midst of anxiety and fear.

We believe for the whole Christian community this is a ‘defining moment’ where it is vital that we are rooted in the life giving gospel, power and love of Jesus for all, and ready to reach out in what may be fresh and unfamiliar ways to all members of our community.”

We want to assure all of you reading this that you are not alone at this time, as a leadership team in Carryduff we have already met, prayed together and established ways to ensure you remain connected to and part of the Church family.

Some more of those details are below:


For those that can get online we will continue to stream our Sunday services at 11am. Each service will have one member of the worship team and the Pastor’s present.  The services will also be recorded to ensure anyone who cannot connect when live can catch up later, and we will make DVD recordings available to ensure everyone who wants to can access. However, if you can connect with us online we really encourage you to watch at 11am on Sunday mornings.

We are also looking at online teaching tools that we can make available to ensure the younger generations do not miss out – these will be shared with you as they are confirmed.


The ‘social distancing’ advice coming from Government increasingly seeks to limit opportunities for the virus to spread even in smaller gatherings. This means we are unable to meet even in a small group or connect group settings.  However, each session member is committed to keeping contact with a small group of people during this time. Whilst we may not be physically present, we want to assure you of our love and commitment to you and your family at this time. Someone will touch base with you this week, we will do everything we can to keep in touch and provide help where there is a need.


We want to express sincere sensitivity around this topic, you will know from teaching by Pastor Gavin earlier this year that it is not as easy topic. We understand that our giving could be impacted as many people face potential financial difficulties and there may be growing concerns in your home. But we want to ensure there are methods available for those who can and would like to continue to give and who currently do this through the offering basket on a Sunday. As this will not be available, we would ask if you would consider adapting your method of giving to one of the following options during this period:

Standing Order: Please contact Pastor Gavin or David Spratt for account details.

Online Giving: Via Smart Phone (this will be implemented soon, details to come.)


The Pastors remain at work and are available – please feel free to contact them at any time. Do not face crisis alone, we are here for you. Their contact information is below:

Pastor George

  • Phone: 07535334445
  • Email :

Pastor Gavin

  • Phone: 07775039043
  • Email :

Pastor Gregg

  • Phone: 07548774428
  • Email:


We have already received donations of food and people volunteering to offer support and assistance to the vulnerable in Carryduff. We are working with local community groups to ensure we can be of help to those most in need. If this is something you can help with, or support in any way please get in touch with Pastor Gavin so that they can contact you when necessary.


Whilst we do not currently know how things will develop in relation to Covid-19 or how any of us will be impacted we are keeping plans in place for our Easter Services, Alpha launch and beyond.  We will review these in accordance with government updates and Elim guidelines and will confirm how things will proceed as and when we know.

Right now, our hope and prayers are that you’ll stay safe, and stay healthy. We encourage you to use this time to pray, to ask God for creative ways to connect with Him and each other. Whilst the days ahead may be different than any of us imagined remember God is never surprised, He is working in our midst, draw close and listen intently to the whispers from heaven, proclaim His peace, declare His faithfulness and believe that if are God is for us who should be against us.

As a leadership in Carryduff, we are committed to serve you and will continue to place our trust in God alone as we Love God, Love People and Lead them to Jesus through this pandemic.