Simon Barrett from Revelation TV

Coming this Wednesday (13th March) at 7.30pm we have Simon Barrett from Revelation TV. Everyone is very welcome #InviteYourWorld

Simon’s bio:

Simon is the presenter of The Middle East Report, The European Report, Politics Today plus General Election interviews, Special feature interviews and historical anniversary programmes and documentaries.

“I was born in Hampshire and became a Christian at the age of fourteen and was baptised at fifteen. I had a passion for athletics and running until I surrendered it all to the Lord and he gave me a supernatural love for Israel and the Jewish people. The lord opened the door for me to study Modern Middle Eastern History and Modern Hebrew at the University of Manchester. It was during my first year at University that I went to Israel for the first time for three months as part of summer programme organised by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. That trip changed my life.

After graduating with Honours from University, I worked in Washington D.C, where I met former Presidential advisors and Middle East Experts and gained a deeper understanding of Israel and the Middle East. I worked for the Zionist Federation and then established my own media organisation giving journalists from the national newspapers and broadcasters news stories about Israel and the Middle East. I also organised press conferences and briefings on the Middle East in Parliament.

I have been very happily married to my wife Katie for over seven years now and she is my support and encouragement and I could not do what I do without her. I do what I do because God has placed a great love of his people and land upon my heart from an early age. I believe my mandate from the Lord is to stand up for Israel and the Jewish people at this critical time in world history.”